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April 2017
Is there a HomeSchool Cult?

Today I read an interesting article from Amy Mitchell titled: "I feel like I'm getting crap from both ends." With a lot of the statements she makes I would have to agree. Some are debatable and others I would have to disagree but that is the beauty of each individual person. We have the right to express ourselves and when homeschool parents or homeschool groups start slamming each other there is war.

Perhaps that's what the education departments or child welfare services want so they can step in and rip our families apart. If we as homeschool families can't support and encourage one another how are our children going to grow up when they have finished their homeschooling stint? Will they remember learning at home as a blessing or a curse? I would like to thank Amy for putting her thoughts online for us to read and to remember what is important and the reason we started teaching our children at home in the first place.

Amy writes: "When I hear about the way the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (the legal activists) have put pressure on families to refuse to comply with social workers or the way that some parents have used homeschooling as a tool of abuse, I want to scream. I want to cry when I hear from adults who were homeschooled that they never learned proper math or that their parents, for religious reasons, refused to teach them about human sexuality. I want to punch something when I see some of the crap that passes for science in “Christian” homeschool materials. The fact that a web site like Homeschoolers Anonymous even exists–out of necessity–cuts me deeply." Please read her entire article if you're interested because as parents we all want to provide the best for our children and how we achieve that is up to each individual.




March 2017; Ten Point Reading Check-List

The following key teaching strategies provides a 10 point check list to see if you are helping or hindering your child's reading and learning abilities.

1. Do you read regularly with your child? Do you read aloud while your child follows the text? (six-seven days a week)
2. Do you give your child time to browse through a book before attempting to read it?
3. Do you show confidence in your child's abilities? Your lack of confidence may affect your child's ability to read.
4. Don't tell your child you are worried about their reading progress. This will only fuel your child's problem. Discuss with your partner or ask other home educators for advice.
5. Does your child ever read to anyone else besides you? Try a grandma, neighbour, uncle, aunt, friend etc. It could make a big difference with your child's confidence to read.
6. Do you expect too much to soon? Don't push too hard for immediate results. It takes time!
7. Are you always rushed saying; hurry up or come on…? Do you give your child enough time to read or write?
8. Do you provide opportunities for your child to write? Such as shopping lists, names on the top of letters to friends or relatives, the child's own name at the bottom of a letter or card you have written.
9. Are you using books at the correct level? Use easy books to encourage your child's abilities, making sure it is not too easy or you will undermine your child's confidence. Don't choose books that are to hard, these may also undermine your child's confidence.
10. If you do all the of above and you are still worried, your child's hearing or eyesight may have something to do with the reading problem. Visit your doctor for a check-up because hearing or eyesight could affect their ability to learn.

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February 2017; Learn 2 Read

A whole month has rushed past! Most children are back at school or have started homeschooling again. Parents can sit back and take stock of the new year that has been ushered in while teachers are back too with no doubt a whole bunch of new kiddies to take care off. Parts of the country are suffocating under a sweltering heat at the moment while other areas are getting a good and proper wetting. Where ever you are, I hope that you are well prepared for this year's teaching effort. If not, you better check out the above links to our worksheets area.

If you are a parent with a child in Kindy or Year 1 then you may be interested in our Learn to Read program. It is designed for parents who want to teach their child to read and write. If you have a child who is ready to learn to read and write then this is for YOU!

You can enroll anytime and start teaching your child the alphabet letters and letter sounds and give them a head start to learning. There are 72 step by step lessons that include all your worksheets for each lesson. There is also bonus material, letter pronunciation audio files, audio stories, an audio ABC song and links to our online learning activities. We've had some great reviews and success stories in 2016, so if you're serious about helping your child with their reading and writing in 2017... then this is the way to go.


Thank you for your help. It took 5 months for my 5 year old to start reading her first story. Awesome!
Clair, Qld

My 6 year old son finally started reading using your program. What his Kindy and Year 1 teacher couldn't do I achieved with him using your course every day for 4 months solid.
Graham, WA

It's a miracle to see my child read her first words all by herself. I'm soooo proud of her. Thank you for this course, she'll start Kindy this year and is miles ahead already. Thank you again!
Louise, United States

I have an 7 year old who has autism and is heaps behind in reading. When I first started this course I thought it was to babyish for him but a few weeks into it and he just went from the lowest grade to almost working at his level. His teacher couldn't believe it and I'm very proud of his achievement. Thank you for your program that helped him gain his confidence in reading and writing.

There are just so many worksheets and activities to choose from that it's simply value for money. We've been at it for nearly 2 months but I think it will take us a whole year to work through it. My child has a learning disability and can't cope with flashy screens and loud noises that most computer programs make so this program is a lifesaver. Simple to use, great worksheets, easy to follow lessons and my daughter loves it. P.S. Thank you for your help when I enrolled.
Lisa, homeschool mum, SA

Great course for my 5 year old. It's encouraging to see him writing his alphabet and doing the worksheets. He hangs every worksheet on his bedroom wall :-)


January 2017; Can I teach?

A warm welcome to 'Worksheets for Teachers & Parents' created by Ingrid Griggs, who is our main resource writer and author of Teaching Treasures workbooks. We try to bring you something new each week so keep coming back or better still, sign up to our newsletter and we'll keep you posted!

January's specials were our wonderful Sea Creatures e-Books levels 2, 3 and 4 which has now finished. These worksheets cover learning areas in English, Maths, Science, and Art. Beautiful ocean theme pictures throughout will keep students engaged while completing their work.

A first year student teacher contacted me last week and asked: "Can I teach this stuff to my class?" The next day I received an email from a mum who had already purchased the workbook for her daughter and loved it. She was contemplating pulling her 9 year old out of school because she was still illiterate and she wanted to start homeschooling her. The mum asked if she should get a teaching degree while homeschooling at the same time, and what did I think of that idea?

I guess my answer was simple enough when I responded with the following to both of them.

Dear ....,
Going to University to become a teacher is easy enough, getting your degree is a lot of hard work but to be able to teach is the big question. A major question new teacher students ask is: "Will I be able to teach children?" Not surprisingly, parents who decide to homeschool also ask that same question.

In my opinion, if you can read and write, you can teach others. Whether or not you are an effective teacher is another question. If you couldn't read or write, you wouldn’t be reading this.

So can you teach children as a teacher or parent?

The answer is simply.. Yes. How dedicated you are is up to you. If you join the teaching fraternity because you like the idea of lots of holidays then I guess your motives are not what they should be. If you start homeschooling your child because you are to lazy to get the kids off to school first thing in the morning then I guess you're motives are wrong too. So the key point here is that you need to be dedicated and have the right motive and attitude no matter what you take on in life. Be it teaching in the public schooling system or homeschooling because you want something better for your child. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and enthusiasm. Give it your best shot and Yes, you can use our worksheets in the classroom and at home.


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